Alan Karlson

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Alan Karlson
Alan Karlson
Business Manager

Having started out in this industry as a Financial Advisor, then moving into Mortgage advice and managing teams of mortgage advisors, somehow, 21 years on, I am still here and absolutely loving my role. I have worked in the broker world and for a major high street bank, building my experience and qualifications over the years to be able to help advisors help their clients more effectively. The industry has changed significantly in this time, for the better, with increased regulation and a genuine focus on the quality of advice provided, with a desire to be able to demonstrate fair customer outcomes. This level of professionalism is reflected in the way our team here look after our clients and I am really pleased to have joined the team at Warners Financial Services

Business Ambitions: 

My goal here is to build upon my own knowledge and expertise to support the growth of the business, through the existing advisors and introducers, whilst identifying new opportunities to help more clients. I am also keen to support advisor development and potentially grow our team.


Personal Ambitions: 

I have recently re-discovered the joy of cycling and have set a goal of 3,000 miles travelled this year, compared to 1,400 last year. I play squash on a weekly basis and my hope is to keep playing and improve! I also play in a community football tournament on a fortnightly basis, I like to kid myself I’m keeping fit!

Outside of sport, I am passionate about, and dabble in Electronic music, it keeps me occupied when I’m not being energetic! I would like to write a tune that someone actually likes