Keith Hood

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Keith Hood
Keith Hood
Managing Director

I founded the company in 1987 and over 30 years later I’m still slogging away! My main areas of expertise have been mortgages and insurance although more recently I have started to focus on protection for businesses and company directors. 

Business Ambitions

To grow our team of advisors this year by at least two and continue to improve our website. Many estate agents and builders recommend us, we hope to add to that list this year.   


Personal Ambitions

Having completed 6 marathons in the last 4 years I have this year eventually achieved my ambition of completing a marathon in under 3:50, 3:47 to be precise, in London. I’m having one more crack at going under 3 hours 45 minutes in Copenhagen this year! My next goal is to complete various Triathlons, I completed 2 half-Ironman distance races in 2016, that’s s a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike followed by a half marathon.  I’m doing at least one more this year. 

I’d also like to continue to improve my skiing and live long enough to see Norwich City FC play in Europe again.