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Dan Stowers

Dan is the voice of our social media and emails. He is our newest member of the team, with us since late 2020.

If you’ve visited our socials, we’ve probably already met, and now we get to finally speak on a personal level! I’m the guy behind the scenes who keeps our website running, socials scrolling and videos streaming. I’m a trained digital designer and marketer, combining tons of skills I picked up from the world-renowned University of Hertfordshire’s schools of creative arts, with a growing knowledge of mortgages and protection.

With training from some of the best minds in emerging tech, animation, filmography, and creative writing, it’s only natural that my career took me away from art school and straight into admin… As with many ‘creatives’ finding their feet in the world, I eventually landed in marketing, working for industry leading awarding organisations (you may want to google what they are) and school sports providers.

As one of many who fell to the ‘R’ word during the first Covid lockdown, I found Warners, and haven’t looked back. Combining my love of all things design with a genuine feeling of helping people realise their dreams, Warners has become the cliché of never working a day in my life.

Away from the office you’ll usually find me on some sort of sports field or virtual battleground (I’m that kind of computer nerd), writing my fantasy novel, and trying to convince my wife and daughter that drawing pictures all day is a real job.

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