In 1987, I founded the company with my co-director; so this is now my 35th year of hard graft! Prior to working for Warners I worked for one of the major banks advising their clients on investments, and before that a commercial lending brokerage.

Now I mainly help people buy their homes and ensure their mortgage is the most suitable for them, and not just now but in the future when their rate needs to be reviewed. I also help people raise money on their property for things like home improvements or to consolidate debts, and help out family etc.

I also advise clients on the best kind of insurance to ensure their mortgages are paid off should the worse happen, and protect their incomes should they become ill. Sadly 1 in 2 people will get cancer and I’m passionate about protecting my clients to ensure they stay in their homes if disaster strikes.

My clients range from early twenties to those with great grandchildren, many have dealt with me as first time buyers themselves and have now recommended their children to me – I’m so old! I probably get the most satisfaction helping first time buyers, not just finding the best mortgage for them but navigating the many house buying pitfalls out there, unfortunately it’s too easy to get it wrong.

Aside from being an advisor, I’m also the Managing Director so I’m responsible for overseeing the smooth running of our operations and that you get the best service possible every time we speak.

On a personal note, I’m a member of a local triathlon club, so when I’m not at work I’m usually running, cycling or swimming. 

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