So, you’ve seen our new brand, but you have some questions. Why did we do it? Surely the old brand was good enough! Did you use the golden ratio or the rule of thirds? Who is the amazing designer behind this absolute masterpiece?!… alright, so maybe I’m getting carried away, let’s assume you’re just curious, so I’ll start at the beginning. What is a brand?

Well, it’s more than just a logo, it’s the identity which a business or organisation presents to the public. A brand should represent the businesses services, but also the manner in which they engage with their audience and conduct those services. Some of the best brands are instantly recognisable and have become synonymous with the products and services they offer; just look at Hoover or Zoom.

The Warners Financial Services brand has been around for years. Initially chosen from a catalogue in the early 90’s (a perfectly normal practice last millennium), our logo has been a faithful companion to our services, but now we want a champion. In a world where everything is digital and the high-street is online, our brand needs to do more than tell people our name.

The process of choosing our new brand began with the hiring of our digital marketing manager, Dan (hey that’s me!). Warners could have chosen to outsource the rebranding process, but with an in-house designer there is far more potential. Now we can support our clients so much more by creating guides, videos, blogs and so much more to share our knowledge with our audience.

With Dan on board, the next step was to understand how we wanted to be perceived by you, our clients, and the public. Having input from everyone at Warners was extremely important, because everyone is responsible for the service that we pride ourselves on; and it is this unity and combined experience that we want to show to the world.

We took the years of experience from within our team and explored the trends and themes of modern brand design from across the country. We took key words from all of our research, like “mid-century modern”, “minimalist”, “transitional”, and “Hollywood glam” (seriously, these are actual trends) and paired them with our teams’ ideas, then got to work.

After designing many concepts, weeks of presenting colours, and developing images with the science of user experience and accessibility… we started again. It was very apparent that our identity was not going to be designed but grown from who we are and how we operate. This led us to scrap our Google research and focus on us. So, we developed our values, mission and vision.

Our mission is to “support people in realising life in their dream homes and protect their futures”, like a gateway.

Our vision is to “engage with more people to grow our community, realise more dreams, and protect our collective future”. These steps are the route to our future, and that of our clients.

Our values are the way in which we operate to achieve our mission and vision, by being “professional, honest, accommodating, focussed, and by putting people first”.

Each of these statements can be seen in our marque (the “W” which sits at the core of our brand), along with the simple, clear style which highlights our methods in delivering our services.

You may also have noticed that we no longer show “financial services” in our logos. This is because we wanted our audience to understand who we are and what we do is more than just financial. We support people’s futures. This is also why we now have our primary “Warners” logo and marque, which you will see on all of our documents and public facing material, alongside three more descriptive logos which detail our services.

These logos are specifically designed to allow instant recognition of what we do. We also wanted to continue our theme of accessibility and clarity, choosing a single colour to represent each of our services. This means that anywhere you see one of our colours, you will instantly recognise it as either Mortgages, Protection or Estate Planning.

About the Author

Dan is one of the newest additions to the team, having joined Warners as marketing manager during Lockdown 2020. He is the person behind our public content, responsible for maintaining our website, and is chief writer for our blog, social media channels, and author profiles…

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