The story of Warners Financial Services

It’s time for change – the story of Warners

It’s 1986, an up-and-coming mortgage firm, Eastern Mortgage Centres, gains a presence in 22 different estate agencies during their first year. Based in Wymondham, this rising firm is building relationships with new businesses all the time, including with a well-respected Warners Estate Agents

Unlike previous business relationships, Warners Estate Agents didn’t use third party introducers like many others, and so after a short negotiation a decision was made to form a joint venture. In March of 1987, just one year after the meteoric rise of Eastern Mortgage Centres, Warners Financial Services was born.


In the late 80’s, when we wore suits and could meet clients in our office, building a brand was a little less complex than it is today. The local printers presented us with a catalogue, and after a brief flick through the pages a logo was found.


As Warners Estate Agents were far more established than their namesake mortgage advisors, Warners Financial Services opted to adopt the colours of the estate agents and a brand was created.

So, what’s changed since 1987? In short, not a lot. We still offer the same excellent mortgage advice, with added protection and estate planning services since our beginnings. Now we think it’s time to show how proud we are of our history and transform Warners Financial Services’ brand to match our modern services.

We wanted to show how far we have come since last millennium, and also shout about our independence as a service provider. You may notice a few changes moving forward, but the only real difference is the look of our documents, a new website (more on that later) and a few other improvements which make our services that much more accessible.

It’s a big job to change a brand, but we thought it’s about time we joined the 21st century with the modern, clean, and simple style that reflects our services. Rebranding has also provided us with an opportunity to support you in other ways; such as creating free guides to help you find your first home, or understand the process of protecting your family through insurance.

One thing we’re particularly excited about it the chance to show off our new website! The faster, simplified has been built with you in mind. You can book appointments, read guides, learn more about our advisors and so much more. The contact form even changes colour!

We’ve also added this blog. We’re told is like a newspaper, but on the internet, with moving pictures and sounds! Whatever next, smellevision?! Our blog is where you can find updates about the latest changes in our industry, and updates to our services as the world around us changes (such as information about stamp duty holidays and the impact of Brexit).

If you’d like to know more about what we do, why not book a video chat with one of our advisors? Alternatively, follow us on social media or give us a call!

Did you know, we have Instagram now!? #NewProfileWhoDis @warners_fs

About the Author

Dan is one of the newest additions to the team, having joined Warners as marketing manager during Lockdown 2020. He is the person behind our public content, responsible for maintaining our website, and is chief writer for our blog, social media channels, and author profiles…

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