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So, you want to protect your money, assets and create a Will, or maybe appoint a Power of Attorney, or set up a Children’s trust… or property trust… This is getting complicated, maybe a friendly estate planning Advisor could help!

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Everyone should have a plan for what happens to their wealth and assets when they’re gone, but where do you start? There are many ways to protect your assets for future generations, but the basics principles have existed for over a century, create a Will and assign a Power of Attorney.
A Will is a formal set of instructions that directs what should happen with your estate (assets and wealth) upon your death. This can include instructions for your funeral or naming Guardians for your children, and appointing Executors. There are many considerations when creating a Will, including if you would like to create a Children’s trust, Property trust, if you have a safe place to store your Will and who should enact your wishes upon your death. As specialist estate planning Advisors, we can offer support in all of these considerations, along with services like Annual safe custody of documents to protect your Will against damage. We can also support you to enact your wishes should you become unable to make decisions for yourself, by utilising a Living Will or Advanced Medical Directive.

It is never easy to discuss what should happen if you become unable to make decisions for yourself, but it is an unfortunately common occurrence. Should you suffer a stroke, accident or illness that causes temporary or permanent loss of mental capacity, someone will need to act on your behalf.

Appointing a Power of Attorney is your protection against the Office of the Public Guardian, or in some cases, the Court of Protection making decisions on your behalf. Our specialist estate planning Advisors are here to help you protect your wishes should the worst happen.

Before one of our specialist Advisors make any recommendations, you will receive a free, no obligation consultation to better understand your needs, circumstances, and the views of your family. Following this consultation, we will present a recommendation for securing your estate for future generations.
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