Buy to Let

Buy to Let mortgages are not just for professional investors. If you want to start building a property portfolio, or generate income as a landlord, a Buy to Let mortgage could be for you. There’s even BTL options for first time buyers!
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Buy to let advice for all landlords

Buy to let (BTL) mortgages are specially designed for anyone who is looking to invest in the property market.

There are several types of BTL product depending on why the property was purchased in the first place. These products include:

Product 1 – for those properties which have been brought as an investment.

Product 2 – for properties that have been lived in by the owner, but now the owner wants to let it out.

Product 3 – for properties that have been inherited or purchased through a Limited company.

Clients who require a Buy to Let Mortgage could be starting out as a landlord, a ‘portfolio client’ (someone who owns more than three BTL properties) or a professional landlord with hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of properties that they manage.

Buy to Let mortgages are also available to First Time Buyers, even if they aren’t an existing homeowner; however, options for First Time Buyers are limited in this particular market.

From the time you first contact us, you will be assigned an expert Advisor. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to determine your needs before making any recommendations, regardless of how many properties you may have in your portfolio. We also offer a range of additional services to support your needs as a landlord, including:

  • Comprehensive portfolio reviews
  • Securing further advances with your existing lenders
  • Acting as an intermediary between you and lenders

We can support you with all types of Buy to Let scenarios, including Let to Buy applications where clients decide to let their existing home and making an onward purchase, often to raise funds for a future deposit.

The time it takes to complete a Buy to Let mortgage varies. For a client looking to secure their first BTL mortgage, the process is shorter than that of a professional landlord. A first time client can expect the process to take around two weeks (not including legal processes which are out of our control).

For a portfolio landlord, especially those with larger portfolios, the process takes more work. A lender will usually require portfolio landlords to provide details for every property within their portfolio. This is to ensure that affordability checks are met.

As it could take some time to collect the details of all your properties, we recommend that portfolio landlords utilise the services of a single Advisor. This way a dedicated Advisor can oversee your case from start to finish, and as your portfolio grows, we can also call upon experience from previous applications to streamline the process.