Bad Credit Mortgages

Not all lenders accept applications from people with poor or bad credit, but we can help you find the lenders that do! As specialist mortgage Advisors, we have experience in securing mortgages for many different circumstances, including those with poor and bad credit.

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Bad credit mortgage advisors

In a world where computers often decide if your mortgage application passes of fails, the majority of high street lenders will not accept those with poor or bad credit. At Warners, we do things differently. With detailed research into the market and your circumstances, we find you a mortgage the old-fashioned way, with hard work, coffee and care.

As Independent Mortgage Advisors, we work with many specialist lenders to secure mortgages for people with bad credit scores, those who are on debt management plans, and even people with County Court Judgements (CCJ’s).

If you suspect that you have a poor credit history, we will help you through the process of analysing your credit file (we even do most of the work for you). As part of our initial consultation and assessment, we build an understanding of your circumstances in order to find the lenders who can lend to people in your situation.

With almost 200 years of collective industry experience (196 to be exact), we know which lenders will consider your case. We also know that it’s beneficial to obtain a Decision in Principle (DIP) before making an offer on a property, something which we can help you to arrange. This tells us how much you need to borrow before you start spending money on valuations and searches conducted by a solicitor.

Depending on your credit score, we may be able to secure you a mortgage with a small deposit and very attractive interest rates.

This process can become complex, and every case needs to be assessed before we recommend anything to you. We will also make sure to discuss all recommendations with you to ensure they meet your requirements and circumstances.