First Time Buyers

As a first-time buyer, buying your first home is very exciting, but can be equally stressful. We have supported a huge number of clients through their first purchase and love to go on that journey as often as possible.
First time buyers couple

Guiding first time buyers through to completion

Before deciding on a property you want to buy, it is important to know how much you can borrow and pay back each month. You will also need to have your deposit ready for when you make an offer.

Estate agents often require a first-time buyer to have a Decision in Principle (DIP), also known as Acceptance in Principle (AIP). This is a certificate from a mortgage lender to say how much they will lend you, subject to the standard processes that will need to be undertaken, like property valuation. We can help you get that certificate.

The short answer is… it depends.

The longer answer is that without knowing your circumstances, there is no way to tell which mortgage is right for you. This is why most people will seek additional advice.

As a first time buyer, you have access to a wide range of mortgage products, including those which utilise Government schemes to help with things like your deposit and interest rates. Your options include:

  • Help to Buy
  • Equity Share
  • Let to Buy
  • ‘Standard’ mortgage products

Estate agents often work in partnership with lenders or mortgage Advisors to offer a ‘panel’ of lenders’ products. This means you do not have access to the full range of products on offer. Banks are even more limited, only offering the mortgages which they ‘own’ or are offered by partner lenders.

Independent Mortgage Advisors offer an alternative with access to hundreds of mortgage products from across the market. We also have a rigorous research process to understand more about you and your circumstances before we begin to think about making any recommendations. This gives us as Advisors, and you as our client, the best possible opportunity to match you with the right mortgage, and give our expert opinion on why we have made the recommendations.